Orin Downtime 2

Orin took the three days until the next meeting with Devito to maintain his facade as a working guardsman. People had begun to talk around the neighborhood, and any attention Orin got might also land on the Kid. Orin continued guarding warehouses owned by the guild functionary who’s seal had been on the tainted food, hoping to catch some clue as to the food’s origin. He noticed little connection between the taint and the owner of the warehouses, but had an odd thought while on guard duty, wondering if maybe the food wasn’t meant to be tainted, but instead something had been transported in the oft recycled crates, and its taint had bled into them. Orin contacted his new compatriot Maxwell to see if he could help track down what was tainting the crates.

However, it took Orin some time to come to this conclusion, and it came time to meet with Devito again before he could explore this further, by following the crate shipments back to the Lawless district, where some obviously tainted food had come from, or perhaps to the Crystal Moon restaurant in the Nexus district near Yinhang square, where the shipment had been going.

But this is only what happened during the night, while Orin guarded warehouses and glared at gutter rats. During the day, of course, he slept in his basement, where the light of the sun didn’t reach. In the twilights between night and day, however, Orin tried to figure out what his adoptive son was up to. It’s hard to keep track of a kid in the Nighthammer district, especially when you’re working or asleep for most of the day. Harder still to keep track of someone as slippery as the Kid, who Orin quickly decided was up to something he wouldn’t approve of.

He saw the Kid around enough, with his new lackey following him around everywhere. Every once in a while Orin would see some other gutter rat run up to the Kid, and after a fast whispered conversation run off. One evening the kid disappeared again, leaving a note saying he’d be back later, and wasn’t in Firewander. One of the most worrying events happened while Orin was on guard duty, when Rat, a fellow guard, asked about the Kid. Apparently the kid had been caught trespassing by Rat recently, and mentioned Orin to get off the hook. Orin fumed at this, the kid should know better than to catch a Guard’s attention, a year is not so long a time. Orin also resolved to keep an eye out for Rat, make sure his interest is no more than casual.

As Orin started keeping his ear to the ground about the Kid, he noticed a few more people asking around about a young northern boy, around the age of 10. Orin took off his last day of work and started tracking them, trying to find out who had hired them. They weren’t local, and they hadn’t yet found anyone who knew the Kid, but they were asking around the mercenary circles. Rat was suddenly in more danger than he knew, since he might be a threat to the Kid without even knowing it.

Orin Downtime 2

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