Nexus Guttersnipes

First game


The pregame begins with Agnes Demurrin found dead by a local street urchin who was concerned that she had not shown up to her stall that morning. There were no signs of struggle, and it appeared that she simply died in her sleep.

Upon Orin hearing about her death in the early afternoon, he finds Scoff and Rat on the scene, generally being nasty and making remarks unbecoming of guards of any sort. Scoff gets pushed down a flight of stairs by Orin after trying to steal from Agnes’ body; Scoff smolders with anger at being caught, but does not retaliate for fear of attack by SpitJack’s gangers who are keeping obvious watch over her apartment. Orin contacts SpitJack, and takes on some of the duties of funerary preparation- most notably, taking on the task of securing a shaman or immaculate to ensure her spirit rests peacefully.

Sarin awakes to the sound of bells from one of three such chapels in the Nighthammer district, and decides on meeting up with Na’T’Chali (Agnes Demurrin) for some food and conversation. When she arrives, she finds a boy tending to Agnes’ food stall who informs her of Agnes’ death and that both Orin and SpitJack are tending to the matters surrounding her funeral. Sarin comes into contact with Orin, and through persuasion is given a chance to examine the body of Agnes herself.

Almost immediately Sarin senses foul necromancy has taken place, and that there is a distinguishable taint to it that is easily noted by one with knowledge of the occult. Orin and Sarin investigate around the district, and find tainted food in a warehouse with the seal of a guild functionary on the crates.

Maxwell and Gregor hear about Agnes’ death in a similar fashion- upon coming for some noodles on the same day, they hear from the boy tending the stall that she has passed- however, they hear about it for entirely different reasons. Maxwell gets a runaround, but manipulates the information out of the youth and eventually meets up with SpitJack, who gives up further information on who is handling what. Gregor, strangely enough, received the information readily and without a fight at all; the boy seemed to know him, while Gregor seemed cool and distant.

Maxwell takes a brief amount of time off from work as a minor guild functionary to drown himself in drink and prepare for the funeral. During a drunken stupor, Agnes visits him in-dream, and tells him that he will be needed to find the one who did this to her. Given his intoxication, he judges it as a hallucination.

Gregor takes time off from his current job as a courrier, and feels the weight of detachment on his shoulders as he wonders why yet another person he grew fond of died.

The Funeral

The day of the funeral came, and our characters all met at a chapel ran officially as an immaculate temple, but is more like a place for people to go when they feel guilty. Sarin gives a eulogy- and while she confounds the crowd with her exclamations of Na’T’Chali and ruminations on spirits, her performance is shockingly sincere and is considered to be quite sufficient. Sarin also places a ward upon the body of Agnes to ensure no living creature will harm her body for the seasons to come. The small procession then filters into the streets, taking the now-closed casket to a waiting barge and from there her final resting place.

The walk, although short, does not go entirely to plan. Orin hears what can only be described as faint scratching from inside the casket- and since he is one of the pall bearers, he stops and (To the surprise of many) states the casket needs to be opened. Maxwell, SpitJack, and several other crowd members interject and just before an argument proper begins, Orin withdraws his statement— but not his intent. As the crowd winds down and enters a lull, Gregor hears the same light, almost pleading noises coming from the casket. Gregor whispers to Orin that he hears it as well as the procession stops at the dock.

The pall bearers place the casket on the boat, and all but Orin step off. Maxwell gets on the barge with Gordo, determined to get to the bottom of Orin’s supposed madness. Gregor moves onto the boat, Orin calls for Sarin, and SpitJack holds off the curious-yet-demanding crowd with his gangers while the party pushes off of land.

The party is greeted by a possessed Agnes, which is noted by a bewildered and enraged Sarin. After failing to persuade the party into thinking she simply has amnesia, she attacks—starting with Sarin. Her wild lunge, deftly deflected by Sarin’s spear, leaves her open for shots from Orin. Two well placed arrows pierce and bind her shoulder joints, leaving the war ghost little choice but to abandon the husk after cursing them and swearing their eventual demise. The party rescues the body from a fate as chum in the Nighthammer pool, and after noting the disappearance of the captain as well as deckhands of the barge save the barge from crashing into a dock. After everything settles down, the party gets the corpse of Agnes to a cemetary outside of Nexus, where she is (Finally!) laid to rest.

The party resolves to investigate what really killed Agnes, find out who did it, slay the ghost that possessed her body, and win back some peace of mind. Sarin speaks of rare wood that can be crafted into weapons that can harm ghosts, and Maxwell recalls a man from the guild directory that trades such things. Gregor offers to help in any way possible, while Orin wonders for a moment why he has not seen his ward this day. Thus, the session ends with two days of downtime (Denoted by downtime 1).


also, Gregor got new pants. this is important.

First game

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