Gregor Extended Downtime 1

Yay! Its an outline! To be fleshed out later!

-Exalt as a chosen as secrets.

-Fate 3 -> Savant 3 -Root of the perfect lotus -> Past lives 4 pts -Awakened essence -> ??? (Don’t know how to refund this… could convert into exp for craft and linguistics?)

-Return to house to find Simon waiting for him.

-Conclude that the best thing to do is to play the servant and follow Simons instructions even though he is a rat bastard. -Encounter with Simon triggers vague memories from his past life and the designer of the jade prison. he keeps this information to himself. – Sifu 1 becomes sifu 3.

-Simon takes Gregor through the celestial gate in nexus to Yu-Shan.

-Jaw drops The longer Gregor stays in Yu-Shan the more of his first life he remembers. He quickly develops a completely rational fear of the god of exaltation, Lytek.

-Training begins. Gregor stays at Simons villa for the duration. Gains points in bureaucracy, linguistics, craft[air] and craft[fate]. Exp details to be worked out later.

-At the end of basic training, Simon and Gregor meet with Chejop Kejak for tea. Gregor remembers working with Kejak assembling the vision of bronze. Interesting things happen because of this. Gregor is inducted into the bronze faction. This is not announced because of Simons mission against the gold faction. Gregor is not filled in on this yet and still doesn’t know what Simon wants, what Simon knows about his exaltation, or why the bronze faction took such an interest in him.

- Gregor has a dream that night and remembers his manse. It is located in one of the abandoned districts of Yu-Shan. It is 3 dots but sits on top of something… bigger. Gregor doesn’t know what. He sneaks out that night to investigate it. Gregor gains 3 dots in celestial manse (gravity hearthstone)

- The manse is locked when he arrives, but he remembers the code to get in from his first life. he enters and attunes himself to the manse. A hologram of his past self briefs Gregor on his past and the function of the manse as a first age technological laboratory. Most of it is unpowered, and so Gregor cannot yet access its resources.

- The manse also activates his servant AURA, a crystal automata. Her capabilities are unknown, but she behaves in a remarkably life like fashion.

-Gregor leaves the manse and AURA that night, and returns to Simons villa.

-The next day he is formally welcomed into the bureau. He is granted a starting salary and a modest apartment near the forbidden manse of ivy -Gregor gains… 1 dot in salary…1 dot backing bronze faction…1 dot backing Forbidden manse of ivy

-He shares a tiny office in the forbidden manse of ivy with Sho’Zu, a lesser god of lost objects. It is extremely cluttered and this upsets Gregor to no end. hilarity ensues. Details to follow

-Once settled in, Simon approaches Gregor about his first mission. Before they can begin though, Gregor needs a resplendent destiny to wear. Because of the nature of his exaltation and how recently it occurred, Gregor is able to recreate his past self as a resplendent destiny with Simons help. However, because this is otherwise impossible, the destiny only has enough strength to last for a year and a day before it dies.

-Simon helps Gregor requisition a 2 or 3 dot Starmetal blade of some kind as well as other basic equipment for his mission. Don’t know the details about this yet.

-Gregor is sent through the nexus gate back into creation to await further orders. Because of his age and his lack of formal training, the bureau expects daily updates from him.

for rusty

Things you can insert into the campaign!

Gregor used to work for the dragon blooded Veovis, who was employed directly by Gracious Shaia, a key leader in the gold faction… what’s she up to?

Why did simon give gregor this mission so early in his training? Is this an actual mission or is it just part of his training? Is he being watched or followed?

Gregors current resplendent destiny violates one of the game rules that you cant make resplendent destinies of anyone who is or who has ever lived. Consequences?

Gregor Extended Downtime 1

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