Glorious Kensai

He's here to save you, whether you like it or not.


Name: Glorious Kensai

Caste: Xia

Motivation: Be the only hero in his story

Str:6 Dex:8 Sta:6

Man:4 Cha:5 App:7

Int:4 Wits:5 Per:4

Valor: 5 Temperance: 1 Conviction: 1 Compassion: 3

Essence: 3

Essence Pool: 30 (20 committed)


Archery: 0 Martial Arts: 0 -Melee: 7(+2 gossamer blades) Thrown: 0 -War: 2

Integrity: 1 -Performance: 7 -Presence: 2 Resistance: 1 Survival: 0

Craft: 3(Glamour) -Investigation: 1 Lore: 1 -Medicine: 1 Occult: 1

-Athletics: 7 Awareness: 2 Dodge: 2 Larceny:0 -Stealth:1

Bureacracy: 0 Linguistics: 1 Ride: 0 Sail: 0 Socialize: 3

Backgrounds: Artifact:3 Cult:1 (convinced he’s a godsent hero) Birth:3 Freehold:2 (holds pennant) Gossamer:4 Style:3 (stunt pool of 8, recovers 1 stunt pool every scene)

Heart:3 Sword: 5 Staff:1 Ring:1 Cup:3

Intimacies: .. Princesses captured by rival kingdoms .. Peasants under the yoke of an evil tyrant .. Lost causes ..

Lures: Winning a Duel


Peacock’s Mantle Colorful cape covered in peacock feather “eyes”. Gives +4 dice to awareness. Automatically detects all undetectable unexpected attacks.

Samhara Oath: “I swear that I shall kill no enemy who surrenders to me” – Glorious Hero Form (+1 Dex, included)

Waking Circle Spell: “Lens of Strife” – Assumption of dreams and passion (hatred), Spite Summoning Malediction

Gossamer Superheavy plate and target shield (no mobility or fatigue penalties, permanent)

Perfect Nishkriya Mask (Gossamer, remains elsewhere when owner is in Creation)

Merciful Blade of Shushka (Rating 3 artifact gossamer blade.) Standard daiklave with no material bonus, every hit drains 1 stamina from opponent. Instead of reducing a target to 0 stamina, renders them inactive for one day.

Artifact Shaping armor (2) Manifests as Silken armor in Creation

Soak: 21B/20L/17A


Merciful Blade of Shushka: Accuracy: 20 Damage:12 + successes Rate: 3

PDV:11(13) DDV: 7(9) MDDV:6 MPDV:7

Charms a – denotes that the charm is assumed as part of Glorious Kensai’s form in Creation

-Assumption of Dreams and Passion (Love)

-Ravishing the Created Form

-Banquet of Crumbs

Essence-Forging Art

Awakened Dream Manufacture

-Elegant Muse Attitude

-Bastion of the Self (Sword)

-Spectacular Insanity

-Heaven Rains Wisdom

-Heart Cutting Style

Second Sword Excellency

-Oneiromantic Conjuration

-Gladdening Visage

Unsightly Rigor Approach

Wyld Prince Resilience x2

Shaping Attacks

Nishkriya Mask: (Sword) Accuracy: 19 Damage: 11 Defense: +2 Rate: 4

Lens of Strife: (Cup) Accuracy: 11 Damage: 9 Defense:+2 Rate:1 (E)

Samhara Oath: (Staff) Accuracy:8 Damage: 14 Defense:+2 Rate: 2

Shaping DVs:

Sword:8 Ring:5 Cup:6 Staff:5 Heart:4

Shaping Soak

Sword:20 Ring:19 Cup:21 Staff:21

Shaping Health Levels

Sword:14 Ring:6 Cup:12 Staff:6


Glorious Kensai knows his purpose in life. To be the greatest hero of all time. To save the poor denizens of Creation from their plight and be remembered forever for it. He is certain of his ability to achieve this goal, and looks forward to the day when all look upon him with awe and thankfulness.

The problem is, sometimes it seems like no one important enough to matter really needs saving, or worse, some impostor has saved the day instead, taking the glory from Glorious Kensai. This frustrates him, but its ok, because he knows how to deal with these problems. If he cannot find someone in need of saving, he need only look through his lens of strife and shortly someone important will be terribly betrayed by a close friend, unjustly abandoned and, in rare, happy occasions, chased through the city by an angry mob, just waiting to be rebuked by Glorious Kensai. The impostor heroes are a greater problem, but all Glorious Kensai needs to do is capture them and feed on their compassion, and they will quickly show themselves as the monsters that they are.

Glorious Kensai (and don’t you ever dare try shortening his name) would never kill a defeated opponent if he could avoid it, though. What point is there to being a great hero if you don’t have many great and powerful enemies, bitter at their previous defeats? Some of his enemies, spared by his compassion, live in constant fear of his return to once again teach them the error of their ways.

Glorious Kensai is a tall, human looking male with beyond perfect features. He is well tanned, with a chiseled jaw and a smile that can blind the unwary on a clear day. He wears bright, regal colors, denoting a kingdom that no one recognizes, and wields a blade of clear glass, which flashes red whenever it bites into an opponent’s flesh. It is impossible to imagine him skulking around, hiding from the light of day, and so he generally takes false heroes by surprise when he does just that.

One thing which should be stressed is that in a situation that calls for heroic deeds, where there’s no one in danger of showing him up, Glorious Kensai is truly a hero. He is charismatic, earnest, and selfless, but also intelligent, powerful, and no fool. He weaves his story into Creation with the grace which the fair folk are known for, and when something grates against his narrative, he doesn’t rail against it, but instead works it into his story and changes it until it’s under his control.

Though he would never admit it, Glorious Kensai is actually fairly weak compared to other Fae Nobles when in the Wyld, and he prefers to spend most of his time wandering Creation as a (don’t you dare call him nameless) hero.

XP Spent

Essence to 3 : 16

3 charms : 18

Glorious Kensai

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