Simon (As Ben sees him)

You don't know this guy. Seriously, you don't.


Name: Simon

Caste: Chosen of Endings

Motivation: End the division between the Sidereals by causing the Gold Faction to collapse from within.

Str:2 Dex:6 Sta:3

Man:5 Cha:4 App:5

Int:6 Wits:5 Per:5

Valor: 3 Temperance:5 Conviction: 5 Compassion: 2

Essence: 6

Personal: 22

Peripheral: 62 (54)


Archery: 3 -Martial Arts:6 (+3 unarmed) Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 5

-Integrity: 5 Performance: 5 Presence: 5 Resistance: 3 Survival: 3

Craft: 5 (fate) -Investigation: 5 -Lore: 5 -Medicine: 3 -Occult: 6 (+3 Sorcery)

Athletics: 5 -Awareness: 5 Dodge: 5 Larceny:5 -Stealth:5

-Bureaucracy: 6 Linguistics: 5 Ride:5 Sail: 0 Socialize: 5


Backing: 4 (Gold Faction, head of the Sub-Convention on Nexus in the Convention on Essence Users)

Artifact: 4 (Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers)

Celestial Manse: 3 (Stone of Recognition and Memorial Iron)

Allies: 4 (Various gods and sidereals)

Acquaintances: 3

Salary: 4

Savant: 3

Connections: (Cult of the illuminated: 3 Celestial Hierarchy: 3 Guild: 2)


Lucky: 3 (5)

Extra Favored Ability


Dark Secret: 3 (Not Gold Faction)

Enemy: 1 (Rival for sub-convention seat)

Obligation: 1 (Water’s Gift)

Intimacies: TBA

Items: TBA

Soak: 3B/1L/0A

Hardness: 0


Punch you in da nose: Acc: 17 Damage: 2B Def: +2 Rate: 3

Full loadout (all applicable scene length charms active):

Acc:40 dice + 20 successes Damage: 19L Def: +14 Rate:3


Acc:40 dice + 6 successes Damage: 19L (+1 level for every 3 rolled after soak) Def: +14 Rate:3

PDV:9 (25) DDV: 9 MDDV:11 MPDV:6

Charms: A LOT

2nd Performance .. Heart Brightening Presentation Style.. Shun the Smiling Lady.. Ox Body x 2.. Yellow Path.. Ordained Bridle of Mercury.. Breaking the Wild Mortal.. 2nd craft.. World Shaking Artistic Vision (Exalts).. Absence.. Duck Fate.. Avoidance Kata.. Cash and Murder Games.. Fortuitous Fellowship.. Force Decision.. Presence in Absence Technique.. 2nd Lore.. Methodology of Secrets.. Of truths best unspoken.. Of secrets yet untold.. Of the shape of the world.. Of things desired and feared.. Of horrors best unknown.. Transcendent Hatchet of Fate.. Mark of Exaltation.. Terrestrial Circle Sorcery.. Celestial Circle Sorcery.. Soft Presence Practice.. Walking Outside Fate.. Prior Warning.. Expected Pain.. Icy Hand.. Terminal Sanction.. Underling Invisibility Practice.. Paralyzed Mandarin Infliction.. Preservation of Resolve.. 3rd Martial Arts.. 2nd Bureaucracy.. Violet Bier of Sorrows Style (12 Charms).. Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style (16 Charms, Dawn Exalt Ways).. 2nd Investigation.. Auspicious Prospects for Endings.. Efficient Secretary Technique.. Research Assistant Invocation.. Embracing Life Method..


Impudence Punished: ..3rd Martial Arts..Duck Fate..Expected Pain..Blade of the Battle Maiden..Joy in Adversity Stance..Crimson Palm Counterstrike..Life Severing Blow..Avoidance Kata..

Choices Made For You: ..Cash and Murder Games..2nd Performance..

Truths Unspoken:..Of truths best unspoken..2nd Lore..

Shape of the World: .. Of the shape of the world.. 2nd Lore..

Desires and Fears: .. Of things desired and feared.. 2nd Lore..

Honest Politician Improbability:..Icy Hand..2nd Bureaucracy..

Death of the Old Establishment:..Paralyzed Mandarin Infliction..2nd Bureaucracy

God Punishing Practice: ..Terminal Sanction..2nd Bureaucracy..3rd Martial Arts..Duck Fate..Expected Pain..Blade of the Battle Maiden..Joy in Adversity Stance..Crimson Palm Counterstrike..Life Severing Blow..

End to All Fools: ..3rd Martial Arts..Duck Fate..Expected Pain..Crimson Palm Counterstrike..Life Severing Blow..Conclusion Pursuing Approach..



Corrupted Words .. Disguise of the New Face.. Peacock Shadow Eyes.. Theft of Memory.. Demon of the First Circle..


Sapphire Countermagic.. Demon of the Second Circle.. Sapphire Circle Banishment.. Insidious Tendrils of Hate.. Voices of Distant Regard..


The Haywain: 6

The Mask: 6

The Gauntlet: 6


Simon (As Ben sees him)

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