The Carnellion


Name: The Carnellion

Caste: ?

Motivation: ?

Str:6 Dex:8 Sta:6

Man:8 Cha:8 App:6

Int:8 Wits:6 Per:6

Valor: ? Temperance: ? Conviction: ? Compassion: ?

Essence: 6

Essence Pool: 60


Archery: 4 Martial Arts: 4 Melee: 4 Thrown: 4 War: 4

Integrity: 4 Performance: 7 Presence: 8 Resistance: 4 Survival: 4

Craft: 8(Glamour) Investigation: 7 Lore: 4 Medicine: 4 Occult: 7

Athletics: 4 Awareness: 4 Dodge: 4 Larceny:7 Stealth:8 (+1 evading pursuit)

Bureacracy: 4 Linguistics: 4 Ride: 4 Sail: 4 Socialize: 7

Backgrounds: Artifact:5 Cult:2 Birth:5 Freehold:5 Gossamer:5 Style:5 Retinue:5

Heart:4 Sword: 5 Staff:5 Ring:5 Cup:5

Intimacies: ?

Lures: ?


5 rating 1 artifacts (attuned to lorekeepers)

1 rating 2 oath (attuned to self)

1 rating 3 artifact (attuned to best lorekeeper)

1 rating 5 artifact (attuned to self)

Wide panoply of perfect quality gossamer mundane items

Soak: ?




Assumption of Air Shape

Awakened Dream Manufacture

Ravishing the Created Form

Forging the (Grace) x5

Banquet of Crumbs

Gaping Virtue Mouth

Essence Forging Art

Ecstatic Reproduction style

World Angering Elemental Mastery

Teeth of the World

Bastion of the Self (Sword)

Spectacular Insanity

Ambrosial Ascension

Second (Grace) Excellency x4

Third Heart Excellency

Unassailable Tower of Charisma

Unassailable Tower of Manipulation

Assertion of greater vision

Sapphire Emptiness Kata

Recognition of Hidden possibilities

Heart Cutting Style

Dissonance of Principles

Untouchable Performer Technique

Swift Wings of Song

Subversion and Transformation Artifice

Onieromantic Conjuration

Demense Farming Art

Shiftless Untamed Beauty

Compelling Presence

Maddening Summons

Whispers behind the eyes

Gladdening Visage

Abandoned by all creatures curse

Heaven Rains Wisdom

Fall of Night Shadows Truth

Adored by all the world

The naming of secrets

Unlimited Resplendence

Unsightly Rigor Approach

Wyld Prince Resilience

Ordinary Object Conjuration

Worker’s Gift

Syle Improving Spirit

Gossamer Forging Art

Crafter’s Arsenal

Armor Which is Not

Principle of Worlds

Unreal Shipwrights Method

Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology

Shape Forged Servant

Poppet Integrating Spirit

Forging Freehold x5


Spite Summoning Malediction

Tainted Creature Command

Prince and Pauper Approach

Undetectable Lie

Veil of Glamour

Monstrous Conceit

Host Summoning Glor of Command

Sundering the Gates of Death

Transient work of Flesh and Bone

Radiance of the Invincible Warrior

Rarified Air of Inevitable Victory

Pincer of Transcendent Time and Fate

Endless Armies of the Storm

Pearless works of (Grace)x4

and 63 xp worth of combos (one or two for shaping combat, a couple to increase the effectiveness of certain charms)

Shaping Attacks

Sthithi Oath: Speed: 5 Acc: 16 Damage: 24Staff (P) Rate: 2

Shaping DVs:

Sword:9 Ring:9 Cup:9 Staff:8 Heart:8

Shaping Soak

Sword:16 Ring:16 Cup:16 Staff:16


Due to the wide array of charms at his disposal, upon entering Creation, the Carnellion can conjure any history he desires. The only constant to this ancient Fae is form to a certain degree, having only one assumption charm, and motivation, locked in place by the charm Worker’s Gift (a necessity for being able to buy style up to 5)

Though, one could sink 7 BP into style, and simply spend the combo overflow experience, plus the extra 12 available from not buying the two charms that allow buying up style, on raising two abilities from 5 to 7, one virtue from 4 to 5, and willpower from 9 to 10.

The Carnellion

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