Name: Gregor Profession: Master Thief
Motivation: To live through tomorrow and find a place to belong
Intimacies: Gregor has not have intimacies… as far as the world is concerned, he doesn’t exist…but he does hate squeaky door hinges…


Valor: 1 Willpower: 6 Essence: 2
Temperance: 3 Personal Essence: 20
Compassion: 3 Peripheral Essence: 0
Conviction: 2 Attuned Essence: 0

Common Statistics

Defense Values
Physical Mental
Parry Value: 5 Parry Value: 1
Dodge Value: 3 Dodge Value: 3

Bashing 2 Lethal 0 Aggravated 0

Attack Type Attack Dice Base Damage Rate Speed Tags
Yellow Jade Switchglaive 12 (15 sucker punch) +4 Leathal 3 4 T
clinch 9 (12 sucker punch) +0 Bashing 1 6 C,N,P
kick 9 (12 sucker punch) +3 Bashing 2 5 N
punch 10 (13 sucker punch) +0 Bashing 3 5 N


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 3
Dexterity: 4 Charisma: 2 Wits: 2
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 2 Perception 2


Archery: 0 Martial Arts: 5 Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 0
Integrity: 0 Performance: 0 Presence: 0 Resistance: 0 Survival: 1
Craft: 0 Investigation: 3 Lore: 3 Medicine: 0 Occult: 0
Athletics: 3 Awareness: 4 Dodge: 3 Larceny: 4 Stealth: 4
Bureaucracy 0 Linguistics: 0 Ride: 0 Sail: 0 Socialize: 0


  • Opening and closing doors (Larceny +3)
    • specialty in sealing, jamming and otherwise getting around / working with doors
  • Locks (Larceny +3)
    • specialty in opening, closing, and breaking locks of all forms
  • Sucker Punch! (Martial Arts +3)
    • specialty in making unexpected attacks, or making low blows


  • Destiny (3)
    • Gregor has a future…
  • Sifu (1)
    • A man named simon teaches Gregor the slippery bastard style
  • Resources (2)
    • sneak thief! used to be a courier
  • Artifact (2)
    • a yellow jade switch glaive…

Merits and Flaws

Merits Flaws
Favored Ability: Martial Arts 2 Sterile 1
Root of the Perfect Lotus 1 Climate Nexus 2
Awakened Essence 4 Amnesia 3
Nightmares 1
Unlucky 1+2 for jinx


Charm Name Cost Book and Page Effect
Foe Vexing Sidestep 2m Perfect Lotus 2 pg 6 doubles attackers defense penalty if i successfully defend against an attack. only affects me

Items of Note


Born into a middle class family, Gregor’s early childhood was happy and uneventful. Most of his time was spent with his parents, learning the family trade of locksmithing in the bustling metropolis of Nexus. His father, also serving as one of the many local blacksmiths, manufactured keys of ingenious and noteworthy design while is mother specialized the fabrication of locks (for said keys) as well as puzzle/lock boxes. Needless to say they were also accomplished lock picks, and for a nominal fee and proof of ownership they could let the forgetful back into their homes. It was in this skill that Gregor excelled and by the time he was six there wasn’t a single door in Nexus that, given enough time, couldn’t be coaxed open by his deft and skillful hands. Through experience and early failures he also learned how to jam doors and destroy locking mechanisms. A twist here, a nudge there, and a once functional door can become a very sturdy wall… knowledge Gregor used to great effect to get out of the common, sticky situations, which can befall the unsupervised children of nexus (or delay the locksmith going to and from clients).

One evening, Gregor went to sleep and awoke a week later on the morning of his 10th birthday. He had no memory to that lost time and found that his family was gone. Their shop was completely cleaned out and there was no evidence they had ever lived there. Fleeing to the neighbors, Gregor found that they did not recognize him and did not remember his family or their shop, saying it has been up for sale for years. He heard similar stories from his “friends”. Alone and without support, Gregor took to the streets, eking out a feeble life of crime, pawning anything he could carry from breaking into various homes around nexus.

On one such breaking and entering romp three years later, he is confronted by a man who claims to be the messiah of a new religion. The man offers Gregor a place in his congregation and Gregor accepts the offer happily, ready for his life to return to “normal”. Two years pass, and Gregor’s life is once again a life of happiness. He begins training in the slippery bastard style under the tutelage of the cult leader. Just as he starts feeling truly at home, and that he finally has people to rely on, it happens again. This time, he wakes up to find that a month has passed. The cult is gone and no one has ever heard of them. Their facilities, which consisted of a single subterranean warehouse, is completely empty and Gregor leaves for the streets once more. Five more years of petty larceny pass, and over this time anyone who Gregor becomes close to soon goes missing or dies. He has resigned himself to being alone and becomes jaded and apathetic. On Gregors 20st birthday he meets Veovis, a dragon-blooded man, who claims to have been following his activities and wants to employ Gregor as a “door man”. Again Gregor accepts, happy to get off the streets. His new found position is both fruitful and rewarding. Over the course of five years, he is finally able to make friends with the other” employees” of Veovis and lives a normal life once more. However, on his 25th birthday Veovis dismisses Gregor without reason and refuses to discuss it further. Gregor never sees Veovis or his team again. No one Gregor had interacted with during his employment remembers him.

Gregor returns to the streets, and eventually finds a position as a shady courier working with a minor local gang. He frequents a noodle shop run by an old woman…


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