the Kid


Young boy, skinny, very attractive though, has a noble bearing. Pale skinned, with platinum blod hair. Obvious northerner blood.

Name: “The Kid” Profession: ???
Motivation: ????
Intimacies: Orin, ????


Valor: 3 Willpower: 5 Essence: 1
Temperance: 2 Personal Essence: 0
Compassion: 2 Peripheral Essence: 0
Conviction: 2 Attuned Essence: 0

Common Statistics

Defense Values
Physical Mental
Parry Value: 4 Parry Value: 2
Dodge Value: 2 Dodge Value: 3

Bashing 1 Lethal 0 Aggravated 0

Attack Type Attack Dice Base Damage Rate Speed
Punch 6 2B 3 5
Weapon X Dice X Type X Rate X Speed


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 2 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 2
Dexterity: 3 Charisma: 2 Wits: 2
Stamina: 1 Appearance: 4 Perception 2


Archery: 1 Martial Arts: 2 Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 2
Integrity: 0 Performance: 1 Presence: 2 Resistance: 0 Survival: 1
Craft: (???) 5 Investigation: 0 Lore: 3 Medicine: 0 Occult: 3
Athletics: 1 Awareness: 1 Dodge: 0 Larceny: 0 Stealth: 0
Bureaucracy 1 Linguistics: 3 Ride: 1 Sail: 3 Socialize: 1


  • Craft (3)
    • ????


  • Destiny (5)
    • The kid is a fate singularity. One day Creation itself will know his name.
  • Resources (1)
    • His life on the street nets him a few silver now and then, which he hoards away.
  • Influence (1)
    • The Kid, through taking his lumps, has gained some respect (And therefore pull) in the streets of the Nighthammer.
  • Esoteric Knowledge (1)
    • There’s a reason the boy’s good with his hands…

Merits and Flaws

Merits Flaws
Heir Apparent 5 Child 5
Lucky 5 Dark Secret 4
?? 7 Enemy 2
N/A 0 ? 1

Items of Note

  • Small Lockbox
    • A leather-covered steel lockbox. It has a small, recently forged lock on it.
  • Various books
    • Nowhere near enough to constitute a library score- mostly on Nexus history.
  • Carving Knife
    • The hardwood handle has a whale inlaid on it.

The kid, (whom Orin calls “Kid”) is a child of 10, old enough to start finding his place in the world, but too young to protect himself from it. He is charismatic, a tad conniving, and has already taken over a local gang of gutter rats. He chafes under Orin’s authority, but knows what Orin has sacrificed for him. He mocks Orin for his slow thinking while silently wondering how so little actually gets past the man. He has run away once already in the year they have spent together, but returned a week later to find the crime in his neighborhood nearly non-existent as Orin hunted down and threatened every single person who could have known where he was.

the Kid

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