You can pay for persistence in pence.


Per standard human statistics, except he has a (+2) specialization in using Martial Arts while using Tonfa, and (+1) specialties in investigation while searching for petty crime and awareness when on guard duty.


Rat, as he is called in the circles of mercenary companies he works with, is oddly not rat-like in appearance at all. He is a mongrel of river and firefolk; his rough, peach-white skin common to riverfolk stands prominently against glorious red hair that is kept short and adorns all but the pate of his head. Perhaps to make up for his baldness, he has grown some pretty substantial mutton chops; it makes him look a touch silly, but its hard to laugh at a man who can crush your windpipe with a tonfa.

Little is known about Rat by the party, except as encountered by Orin. It should be noted that he takes his job very seriously and in being an apparent outsider to Nexus, he has no pity for the destitute in the streets- particularly in the Nighthammer district. Rat knows enough about Orin to know about his failed career as a soldiering mercenary, but little else.


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