The man who never knew best.


Per heroic mortal character creation, soldier archetype, thug profession.


Scoff is a rude, egocentric man. Standing at average height for riverfolk, his dark eyes and receding, slicked-back teak brown hair give him a look that borders on sinister. He is notably missing his top premolars, giving him a mildly offputting and hollow grin. Otherwise, he looks to be a man in his 30s.

Little is known about Scoff by the party, except from what Orin has encountered thus far. From the brief encounter, Orin concluded that he is a liar and a thief who certainly doesn’t mind taking his aggressions out on the urchins in the street. It is assumed he works for a mercenary company (Though he was not wearing insignia), and commonly works guard detail (As Orin has seen him around before).


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