Agnes Demurrin

The reason the characters got together in the first place


Per standard mortal, except with a higher than normal craft (wood).


Agnes was old. Think late 70s, early 80s. Her hair is a light grey- you know she was blonde when you were a kid. Her eyes are a warm green-grey, and her skin was slightly tan- no doubt from working outside under mostly shade. She always had a pleasing, almost inviting feel to her. She seemed to talk with even the gruffest of customers without too much trouble. Her problem and why she hadn’t moved out of the neighborhood is because of the very reason why no one directly messes with her- she’s too kind.

Her cooking skills probably could have got her out of the Nighthammer district, but she gave away too much to those who could not help themselves in the street to own much more than her stall, a small apartment that she keeps meticulously clean, and a dog. Otherwise? She’s ran a small shop, tended to mostly the kids and the infirm, and people help her out when they can by eating at her place and telling her stories.

She was, until recently, the neighborhood mascot. She was found, dead, in her small apartment by the urchins that normally came to her with stories in the morning. Investigation my Orin and Sarin determined that the cause of death was by no means natural given signs of necromancy at work in her apartment. A funeral was held for her, and the party currently is investigating the true cause of her death.

Agnes Demurrin

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