Nexus Guttersnipes

Give head, get wood

Maxwell Ordd contacts Orin and Gregor concerning a source of the wood which can affect the immaterial, but is unable to find Sarin. The three meet up to go to the proprietor’s store, where they meet a young lady and Devito, the owner. Maxwell flirts with the young lady, and does all of the effective negotiation with Devito. Unfortunately, Devito quotes a price far outside the group’s pay grade, but offers an alternative method of payment, the murder and public display of the body of Jarvis Nellens- a Patrician who sells slaves and drugs to and from Great Forks.

Upon investigating Devito and the Patrician the party discovers that Devito contracts out hits, and that the murder of Jarvis may not be personal. They also discover that the young lady fears for her life, thinking that Devito might kill her for knowing too much. Orin agrees to hide her, and convinces the rest of the group to find some way to blackmail Devito into leaving her alone, after they complete the hit.

In the meantime, Orin has multiple confrontations with the Kid, over the Kid’s precocious nature.

The Hit

The plan is fairly simple. Maxwell meets with Jarvis for drinks, gets shitfaced and belligerent and gets dragged out by the guards. While the guards are distracted, Orin puts an arrow into Jarvis through a window, and Gregor pops in, grabs the body and leaves a note so that no one thinks anything is amiss. The note will state that Jarvis is off to arrange for a cake for a party the following day, and will have his signature (acquired by Gregor earlier on a fake delivery). Later, at the party, the Patrician’s body will reappear in some appropriately grotesque fashion.

All does not go to plan. Maxwell manages to meet with Jarvis, and while he actually gets shitfaced and belligerent, instead of acting, he manages to play his part well anyway and gets thrown out. Orin drops an arrow straight through the Patrician’s trachea and into his spine. The Patrician drops without a sound, and barely a speck of blood. However, when Gregor tries to hoist the body out the window, he trips and accidentally manages to tear the arrow through the Patrician’s jugular, fountaining blood everywhere. Upon hearing the guards return, and without time to get the tangle of limbs and gore out the window, Gregor cuts through what’s left of the Patrician’s neck and bails with his head- losing an eye on one of the fence spikes in the process.

After a brief, leech ridden bath in the east canal, Gregor makes it back to Maxwell’s and the two of them try to decide what to do with the head. Orin checks on the girl he’s hiding and then goes home. Shenanigans ensue involving the head. The next day, as the group discusses how to publicly display the head so that they complete the contract without getting caught, they discover from Terry “Slink” Orrd that the Patrician’s party has not been canceled, as they had thought. Frustrated by the rest of the group’s dithering, Orin grabs the head, walks over to the Patrician’s house, and hurls it through a window into the midst of the party- wherein it lands auspiciously in the mouth of a roast hunting cat. There is an uproar, but before anyone can determine what happened, Gregor and Orin quickly disappear into the night.



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