Nexus Guttersnipes

Ghostly combat at the Crescent Moon: Or, how I learned that fire is bad.

This session ran the whole time, we had everyone there, and it turned out really good. So let’s get a rundown on what happened.

The onset

The session began with Maxwell speaking with a fellow guild functionary, attempting to resolve some intra-office conflict between superiors through various agreements- nothing too major for the guild. Suddenly, however, fate intervenes and the war ghost Maxwell’s newest acquaintances are on the hunt for manifests in the body of the functionary. Maxwell does the sensible thing and bolts for it as Gregor, Orin, and Sarin charge up the service stairs from the basement of the massive tea house and restaurant.

The tea house is constructed primarily of imported Haltan timbers that have been lacquered, strong and straight. brightly lit by hanging oil lamps, and even though it is around 3pm they are still going- giving the smell of paraffin in between the savories put out by the chefs below. The dumbwaiter makes its way slowly up the building, so as to accommodate the people on the third floor having more important discussions. The second floor is more a large run of railing and loft space than an actual second floor- allowing for people to look down from 15 feet up onto the restaurant below.

Opening shots

Here’s an outline. I really need to confer with players to ensure this seems right. I should have wrote this weeks ago.

1.)Group closes, 2.) Orin shoots (Stunt, through oil lamps, starts small fire),3.) Sarin attacks and is parried, Ghost attacks Sarin and is parried, Gregor tumbles haphazardly toward and around the ghost suckerpunch-switchklaives into the ghost and rips it apart (Ghost ejection), 4.) Maxwell runs up to the second floor to break the dumbwaiter system, 5.) Orin aims and shoots again, ripping a hole in the war ghost, 6.) Gregor attacks but catches armor instead of ghost, 7.) Sarin pins the motherfucking ghost to the ground, Chunbara-style, 8.) Ghost takes the opportunity to possess Sarin, 9.) Sarin flails about at Gregor, scooping flesh out with lamprey-fingers, 10.) Maxwell trips the dumbwaiter and forces the rails to break which flings the dumbwaiter to approximately where the ghost is—Maxwell rides it down and catches Sarin-ghost square in the jaw, but fails to get off the dumbwaiter and smashes into the basement, 11.) Gregor trades blows with the Sarin-ghost, 12.) Maxwell clambers up and blinds the Sarin-Ghost with a classic booze to the face manuver, 13.) Gregor punches Sarin-ghost in the back of the head, knocking her the fuck out (Ghost ejected) 14.) Orin shoots the ghost center-of-mass, blowing it apart.

The Aftermath

The Crescent Moon could have dealt with a small fire in the building, but when the dumbwaiter crashed into one of the cooking apparati all hell broke loose. Flames consumed the underside of the timbers, and spread rapidly across the lacquered floor of the crescent moon. While Orin in a fit of compassion tended to saving the building (Rousing people and organizing water teams), the rest of the party made a hasty retreat with an unconscious Sarin in tow.

Several hours and flare-ups from cooking fuel later, and the Crescent Moon laid mostly gutted- while the supports were mostly intact, the first floor, basement, and some of the second floor were entirely ruined. The sub-basement lair of the Nelaya’s Tears manufactory began collapsing after the first cooking fuel explosion- as much evidence as was possible to gather was rounded up while tending to the fires.

The party ended the session with being rounded up at Maxwell’s- Sarin was just waking up from getting knocked the fuck out by Gregor, Maxwell was drinking himself under the table in a combination of celebration and guild, Gregor just coming back from having his wound tended to by a doctor who didn’t ask questions and took silver, and Orin being the stone-cold-killer that he has shaped up to be.



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