Nexus Guttersnipes

A suspended greeting

Due to player absences, there was only a short session to be had.

The session began with Maxwell, Sarin, and Gregor meeting up at Maxwell’s townhouse to discuss potential issues with returning to Devito. Sarin gets filled in briefly on the situation with Devito, but is not made aware of his more sordid dealings. Sarin, then, fills the group in on her dealings with the spirits in the past few days- and how her vision quest, after seeing the spirit of Na’T’Chali, had given her much frustration to both her and a few of the spirits she had encountered on the way. The group resolves to hold off on Blackmailing Devito, but hold the information close to them in case their contract is reneged on.

Much to their delight, Devito promptly and happily gave them a writ to take to his warehouse in the Nexus district. There they attempted to engage in conversation with the overseer only to discover none of them spoke his tongue. Regardless, upon being handed the writ he gave them their reward- enough of the dried, cured Sapphire Elm wood to create several weapons for hunting down (And ultimately destroying) the ghost that possessed Agnes. Gordo (One of Maxwell’s many henchmen) and Sarin bring the lumber back; wherein the party notices that while the strong and steady Gordo is tired, Sarin (Who is understandably lesser in stature) hasn’t even broken a sweat.

As with all events where people get what they want, they ultimately don’t know exactly what to do with it. Such was the case with the Sapphire Elm wood- they had no one readily available to shape, harden, and prepare the wood such that it didn’t shatter into a thousand pieces upon accidentally hitting something not ghostly. Maxwell, being the quick sort, immediately came forward with a crafter from memory who dealt with similar materials and could potentially lead them the right way. Resolved and ready, the party heads towards the crafter’s townhouse.

Fate, however, intervenes.

The Kid, presumably running from guards, runs smack dab into the party while they are waiting for a carriage to take them across town. Gregor, not missing a beat, grabs the youth by the arm and proceeds to escape the scene in typical Gregor fashion (Rapidly unlocking a door, entering it, locking it rapidly, and exiting out a different door or window) while Maxwell created a distracting scene to keep the guards distracted.

The party ends up back at Maxwell’s- Sarin and Maxwell come back to see Gregor teaching The Kid a few lockpicking tricks just in case. The Kid is coaxed into explaining why he was running from guards (He stole an earring right off of one of them as a dare), and he was found to be nervously rubbing on a finely carved mammoth statue- which was revealed to be of his own make. After asking, and promising not to tell Orin who the crafter was, The Kid agrees to render the Sapphire Elm into usable weaponry- the problem, of course, is one of resources. The Kid needs additional materials, and time. Using considerable business acumen, street savvy, methods of manipulation, determination, and perhaps just plain luck, Maxwell effectively bought a townhome worth of materials for a bushel of swamp rice. And so, The Kid set to work with quality materials and a proper workspace.

After a long night of working and talking with a strangely attentive Gregor, The Kid emerged from the Maxwell’s cellar with a spear, two knives, two sets of wood-and-leather punching gloves, a half-dozen target arrows, and a club. While a good portion of the wood has been used, there could be perhaps enough to reinforce a buff jacket, or act as a breastplate with proper time and care taken.

The players ended the session having their weapons crafted and a huge amount of leads to follow up on. Sarin’s discovered-yet-undiscussed crystalized tear from Agnes, Orin’s detective work giving him a restaurant by the name of “Crescent Moon” in the Nexus district that a large amount of the produce from the warehouses go to as well as theories on where to look for whatever the corrupting agent is, and strange twinges abound from the party in general on mention of “The Haircut” from several shady businessmen.

Where will our party go from here?


Sorry to have missed it. We’re going to have a “talk” reminding you all why we were going to blackmail Devito in the first place.

A suspended greeting

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